This vote in the dark will rob us of fiscal sovereignty - from Sunday Independent

Before we vote on Thursday, I think it would be useful for us all to reflect on exactly why the bond markets won't lend to us at present. Is it because of our structural deficit? No, of course it isn't. It's because we already owe so much that lending us more money seems like a risky bet. It wasn't always like this. As recently as 2007, Ireland had the lowest debt to GDP ratio in the European Union. If our debt was at similar levels now, we could borrow without difficulty, at…

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Declan Ganley - Briefing European Financial Crisis and the Irish Referendum

Declan Ganley delivers a briefing in London on 25 May 2012 to RUSI in Whitehall, London (the world's oldest think tank). He spoke to policymakers on the European financial crisis and the forthcoming referendum in Ireland.

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Anything but the Treaty

Look! A distraction! The Yes side, worried that you might be suddenly taking an interest in all the reasons to delay this Treaty, are now engaged in their favourite game - talking about anything but the Treaty. Today, it's St. Columbanus.  So take a look at the website, see what it's about, and inform yourself.  The bottom line is this - Greece was the first country to pass this Treaty. Does Greece look "stable"? That's why European leaders are planning to change the Treaty. It…

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