Anything but the Treaty

Look! A distraction!

The Yes side, worried that you might be suddenly taking an interest in all the reasons to delay this Treaty, are now engaged in their favourite game - talking about anything but the Treaty.

Today, it's St. Columbanus.  So take a look at the website, see what it's about, and inform yourself. 

The bottom line is this - Greece was the first country to pass this Treaty. Does Greece look "stable"? That's why European leaders are planning to change the Treaty. It hasn't worked.

Do we want to sign up to an incomplete deal that doesn't work and will be changed, repeating the historic mistake of rushing into the Bank Guarantee? Or do we want to take the time we have, and get this right?

That's the question the Yes side don't want you thinking about, and that's why you're going to hear every dumb*ass distraction they can think of for the next two weeks.

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