Come help out!


Well, we’re gearing up for a gruelling two weeks here at Libertas HQ. Defeating this Treaty is very important for Ireland, Europe, and all of us. With President Hollande’s election in France, we have a very real chance to secure support from other European Countries for an approach that combines the needed pain with a solution that works.
We’ve tried to explain why we’re getting involved on this website – so take a look around, and please do get involved if you think we’re making sense.
Check back here every day during the campaign for our thoughts on the news of the day, updates on what we’re up to, our response to whatever scare story the multi-million Euro yes campaign comes up with each day (these guys can get jobs writing horror flicks in Hollywood if the economy gets so bad that even government spindoctors lose their jobs), and of course our daily look at how our treasured national media are covering the campaign.
All hands on deck!

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