Women and Cushions

They're at it again, you know. 

Joan Burton this morning told women voters that the Stagnation Treaty (it means the same thing as "stability treaty", it's just more honest) provided a "safety cushion" in the form of the ESM:

Ms Burton said Ireland needed to ensure the Government had money to pay for what she described as "this humane social welfare system".

She said one of the main reasons multi-national companies continued to locate in Ireland was because they believed the State was committed to the European Union.

Ms Burton said "we hope and intend to say goodbye to the Troika" and borrow money in the "normal way". However, she added: "But what if circumstances mean that we can't".

This is nothing but an appeal to fear, and is, as is normal, devoid of any analysis of what is actually in the "safety cushion" she wants women to buy. Breaking News, ladies: It's a pin cushion.

A Yes vote locks in the banking debt that is a far bigger threat to a "humane social welfare system" than any imagined punishment by our European friends and partners. A Yes vote means that we replace the safety cushion of economic flexibility with a rigid straightjacket that means the axe will fall on vulnerable women in any time of budgetary difficulty long after this crisis ends. It's not a safety cushion, it's a straightjacket for women and their families, and the minister should know better than to pretend otherwise.

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