Women and Cushions

They're at it again, you know.  Joan Burton this morning told women voters that the Stagnation Treaty (it means the same thing as "stability treaty", it's just more honest) provided a "safety cushion" in the form of the ESM: Ms Burton said Ireland needed to ensure the Government had money to pay for what she described as "this humane social welfare system". She said one of the main reasons multi-national companies continued to locate in Ireland was because they believed the…

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Poster campaign

We'll be launching our poster campaign sometime in the next 24 hours. It's very important that we get the message out there - so if you want a few posters for your local area, please do get in touch using the contact page to the right of screen and we'll be happy to supply you!  

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What will a “No” vote mean?

One of the perennials of Irish referenda on Europe is the question of “what happens if we vote NO?” Oddly, it’s always the same answer from the Government – “there’ll be no second deal!” “There’ll be chaos!!” “Burning fire will fall from the sky and destroy everything you own!!!”. Of course, the real answer is different every time. In Lisbon, for example, a NO vote secured guarantees on our corporate tax rate which are looking pretty valuable today. This time though, we have to…

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