The “No Deal” message is gaining momentum

Have you read David McWilliams today? You should. Here's his conclusion: "With such uncertainty and the likelihood of more bailouts and negotiations ahead, would it be that smart to show our hand right now, particularly as conventional wisdom is about to shift?" No, of course it wouldn't. That's why Declan dropped off a few poker tips to Enda Kenny at his office this afternoon.  We're also glad to welcome For a Better Europe to the campaign. We're sure we don't agree on…

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Tonight's Lansdowne/Millward Browne poll shows a huge rise in the undecided vote. With over a third of the electorate still to make up their minds - and even prominent Yes campaigners tweeting about the rise in undecideds on the ground, it's all to play for. Our own volunteers tell us the same story - people are realising that this is the wrong treaty at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Keep the work going, and we'll deliver a powerful, pragmatic, Pro-European demand for a…

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Have you seen the latest Press Release from some Labour TD called Michael McCarthy? (Yeah, we don't know who he is either, but apparently we pay him €100k a year to come up with stuff like this, so go with it). We're going to print it in full, because he really wants you to read it. "Labour TD for Cork South-West Michael McCarthy has likened Declan Ganley's entry into the referendum debate as being akin to a 'vanity project'. Deputy McCarthy said: "I recognise the mandate that…

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