Our Vision for Europe

Libertas is for a United, Federal, Europe.

What does that mean?

It means that we agree that joining the EU was the best decision Ireland ever made.

It means that we want Ireland to be involved right at the heart of Europe.

It means that we want a European Union that every citizen can be involved with, can exert control over, and can take part in.

Europe doesn’t work like that today. It’s run by an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels that isn’t connected to the realities of everyday life for people across Europe, and isn’t accountable to anybody when it gets things wrong.

It’s controlled by a few major powerbrokers, and the millions of people governed by its laws have a minimal say on what happens.

We want that to change. Declan Ganley has worked with leading academics and like-minded reforming politicians at home and across Europe to come up with a series of radical and reforming ideas to improve Europe. 

Here are a selection of major articles and speeches he has delivered that will give you a very clear sense of where why we stand for a United, Federal Europe.

Spring 2009. Vienna speech, setting out essential reform 4 EU survival (ECB 19:30 in). More relevant now as crisis compounds

Sky News Nov 22, 2010, Irish Bailout: 'Bankrupt Euro Model Must Go'

Sunday Independent. Sunday July 03 2011. We need to come up with a plan B for the Euro crisis.

Sunday Independent. Sunday August 21 2011. Let's lay ghosts to rest with real action.

Sunday Business Post. 10 January 2012. 'A Europe for the people by the people' by Declan Ganley and Brendan Simms

Sunday Business Post. 12 May 2012. 'Correct past mistakes, vote no to the treaty' by Declan Ganley

George Hook’s Treaty Debate featuring Declan Ganley

RUSI on EU crisis, with paper from Declan Ganley - Rethinking Europe: The Federalist Choice for a Continent in Crisis

Declan Ganley's OpEd in Wall Street Journal, Thursday May 31st